Below, you will be able to see all of my current tarot readings that are available to you.  Please choose a reading that is relative to your questions or issues.  Just click the Buy Now paypal icon to make your payment.  Click Here  to complete the contact form in regards to your questions for the reading.  You will receive your reading usually within 1 week.

The Chakras

Love and Insight Cross Reading

The Love and Insight spread  covers  many  aspects  of  your question and  will  focus upon your present,  past, future influences, and future choices and so much more for you.  This reading is available for 18

The Ankh

A profound  reading  taking  into  account  emotions,  free-will,  and soul  purpose.   For  this reading a photograph and your full  name would provide a more in-depth  interpretation.  Available for 20

Healing Reading

This is a very powerful reading by email.  For this reading I will require a photograph which can be sent to my email address.  With my developed psychic intuition and  help of my pendulum, crystal ball, and Angel tarot cards,  I will bring healing, light and positive energy into your existence.  This reading is only 16

3 Card Tarot Reading

This particular tarot reading will focus upon how you influence relationship, the other person involved, and the outcome. This reading is available for only 12.

1 Card Tarot Reading

The  1 card  tarot  reading  is  primarily  used  to  focus  upon  a  single  question of  your  choice  and  is  fundamentally  ideal  if  you  need  a  quick  answer  to  an  issue  or  problem. Only 7.

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