Hi  I  am  Denise.  I  have  seen  and  communicated  with  spirit  from  the  age  of  5.  Not  long  after  this  I  suffered  several  health  issues  and  lost  my  soul  journey  and  purpose.  During  my  20's  I  perceived  the  spirit  world  again.  I  began  holistic  therapies  for  my  health  and  regained  my  health  after  4  years  of  treatment.  Since over coming these issues I have grown spiritually and am able to offer the upper most compassion and understanding during my Mediumship and Psychic Readings.  I  completed  my  Reiki/Seichem  healing  courses  up to  Masters   level  and  began  my  psychic  journey once more.  I offer distance healing sessions  as arranged  via e-mail.

Since  finding  my  soul  purpose  again  after  many  years  I am honoured to  pass messages from the spirit world to their loved ones here.    I have  developed  my  psychic abilities to a high level,  however this is an on-going journey.  I  offer -  Mediumship,  Angel tarot Readings,  crystal  ball  and  pendulum  readings,   to  which  I  have many  testimonials.  


I undertake house cleansings and clearings.  I have had many spiritual and psychic experiences so far in my life and I work purely with my guides and the Angels on a daily basis to aid my clients and friends to the best of my ability.

My  soul  purpose  is  to  aid  in  giving clients,  family  and  friends an insight  into  their  issues  and  emotions  along  their  life's  journey.  I also pass on any messages I receive from the spirit world to their loved ones.   I  give  insight  to  the  best  of  my  ability  to  treat  everyone  individually,  as  that  is  what  we  all  are.

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