Please read and I hope that you enjoy my poetry.  My poetry is channelled  from spirit, usually after Meditation.  

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I am

I am the ear that listens and the heart that knows,

I am the soul that connects with the body that glows.

I am the One that feels that pain inside,

I am the One that walks beside you with pride.

I am the laughter in the wind and the tear upon your cheek,

I am the whisper in the wind and I hear you speak.

I am the images in your dreams and that glow in the dark,

I am the one that brings that emanating spark.

I am Me and I am connected to you,

I am with you forever in whatever you do.

I love you forever inside you shall be,

And oneday we'll be side by side just you and me.

The Soul

A journey undertaken at ones own choice,
Lessons to learn with just one voice,
Issues to overcome and trails to pass,
One step at a time and not on mass.

Know that the road has time,
No limits are set and all is sublime,
Messages come and flow,
So think carefully before you go.

Tread carefully sometimes then full steam ahead,
Know that messages flow when we're in our bed.
We've a lifetime to learn to follow our path,
To seek what we feel and desire as yet.

So Let's live for today and if it's to be tough,
Remember that tomorrow could come just from luck,
Some travel miles and have much to earn,
Some don't have many lessons to learn.

So enjoy your journey as you have come so far,
By foot, plane or even by car,
Know that what happens we have chosen to be,
So lets live in the present and be glad just to be.

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Have you ever felt alone in Our World?,
Have you always felt that you never heard a word?,
Shut off and enclosed in your own sphere,
Needing to be helped from someone dear.

Feeling odd and different and not knowing what to do,
no one coming forward to give you just a clue,
Feeling very different from the people that are around,
Afraid just to speak so you utter not a sound.

Wishing you were like all others that you see pass by,
Wanting, hoping and trying with a silent cry
Know your place is special and its the way to be,
Spirit shall open your doors and you will look and see.

Be glad how far you've travelled a long the walk of life,
For you have learned compassion through all of this strife,
Know that in your heart that things are looking up,
Never looking back, just the reflection in your cup.

You have come into your own right now and no one can deny,
Those lonely, tearful moments that made you want to cry,
You can now look back from where you had begun,
And know you travel onwards and are heading for that Sun.

So thank you for this journey and those that came my way,
For they taught me many lessons throughout every single day.
In your soul you're wholesome, good and true,
Know that we're beside you and always guiding you through.


We choose when to pass and just slip away,
We leave our loved ones so alone someday.
We don't mean to hurt them,
Just lessons to learn,
Our life as a human can be hard to discern.

Abandonment and pain we suffer inside,
Always fighting back tears as humans with pride,
We must release this pain and know that they're well,
For they will come back and they will always tell.

The memories come flooding back, but with tears of joy,
For we know that someday they shall all deploy.
We know when that time comes and can't always say Goodbye,
But we hold you forever and we'll connect oneday and cry.

It's never easy to say Goodbye, so many what if's or when or why's?,
But we know in our hearts what we must learn,
For we know oneday we'll not feel this concern.

I bid you farewell as I join the rest,
And know that we always shared the very best,
You'll always be true in my heart and soul,
Just stay upon your path and reach your goal.

For I shall drop by sometimes and quietly say,
I am here my darling and shall always stay,
it was my time as I was weary to go home,
I shall join the rest of my family with all of my soul.

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The Path

At one without words,
as we understand,
the laws there of wisdom,
and the lights of the land.

A star shining brightly,
doesn't wait for a sound,
it just shienes so brightly,
for us to understand.

It's what we know in our hearts,
a true understanding,
the visions are so clear,
so I can take your hand.

Lead and guide you upon my path,
my soul stands proud and strong,
knows where it wants to be,
shining so brightly for all to see.


Out from the fog and into the light
At first things seem a little bright,
A friendly smile and a glancing look,
You took your time?  you were reading that book!.

So he steps have been taken and your beginning to grow,
To blossom and flower and truly to glow.
Leave behind all that greed and material gain,
Help others also to see the light and not suffer pain.

One person that we reach i s a great success,
Helping that someone on their path to happiness,
The door is unlocked and the path continues on,
Remember to stop and pause as that road is so long.

A learning returned from ones true soul,
To understand being human to follow that goal,
Help others across too and don't look down,
Else others will come to steal that crown.

We are all equals my friend, you and I,
We have seen the depths of despair and mountains so high,
So lets follow our true soul and live side by side,
All helping one another with the love that resides.

angels spiritual channelling guides psychic clairvoyance mediumship spirit

To Whom

To whom, all that is below is above,
shadows in the darkness, whisper wantings,
light shines through this and emanates.

In the divine we know,
No sorrow, hunger or pain, we are at one,
always and eternally.

Ever touching your heavenly body,
we entwine and evolve,
our wings spread openly,
feel our love and empathy.

Embrace your life,
hear your beat and listen to your calling,
for you are at one with us all.

To Take You Home

Without hope our lives have no meaning,
without guidance there is no believing,
correct your negatives and emit your love,
for God sees all from heaven above.

A lonely child,
a lost man,
we can all make if I can,
I give you my love and my trust,
my judgement is honourable and my life is a must.

To find your way on this journey is hard I know,
for we can all sink sometimes so very low,
so follow your heart and trust in your soul,
and know that the Lord will take you home.

spirit channelling poetry mediumship guides angels souls clairvoyance aura


Take a bow my friend,  rest upon me, let me take your weight,
Let me now remove your sufferings.
For you old friend have come home,  you know the place,
The place to rest and heal now, again.

 Let the rising sun and the parting clouds hold you in there dance,
For you are home old friend and it’s not just by chance.
You have returned from your quests and lessons learned,
To the shelter and the bosom of those you know, too well.

 You may dance now with freedom and grace,
Let all of the sufferings ingrained upon your earthly face disappear without a trace.
So wonderful you return to us with the songs inside of your soul,
Alway’s there willing and helping those complete there goal.

 Time to rest now my beloved one, for you have travelled a journey,
Time to awaken now in all of this wonderment and glory.
Tis home that you belong my old friend,
Your teachings now are through, but we have many new journeys for you to travel too.


I am Spirit

Do not miss me when I am gone,
Think of me as you hear that song,
That scent, that Aroma, that joy inside,
Think of me always with Pride.

Carry on upon your Journey,
Overcome your woes and grief,
I shall be there with the butterflies,
Resting upon that leaf.

That warm glow inside,
That love from nowhere,
But it does my dear,
It carries from me,
And you must know I’m there.

That empty feeling in the night,
That loss of hunger and fear,
So my Darling, I shall say to you,
You truly know I’m here.

Laugh, have fun and be on your way,
No tears I wish to see,
I shall always be in your heart and soul,
And that’s how it shall always be

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 I promise to be there said the woman to the man,
the mother to her baby and the husband to his wife,
I promise to be there for you in your life.

 I promise to be there in the darkest of times and the brightest of days,
In learnings of life and meaningful ways,
 promise to be there.

I promise to be there when the stars twinkle at night and
Our souls entwine.
I promise to be there in the intimate sublime.

I promise I’ll always be by your side,
To give you Wisdom, Courage and Pride,
I promise, I promise , I promise.




You came back through again my friend,
To truly let your loved ones know and understand.

 Your words you give and the images you show,
Will truly pick loved ones up when they’re feeling low.

 Your smell upon your face and the happiness I see,
I know in my heart that its the way it should be.

 A blessing you bring and a prayer from above,
The messages you carry upon your pure white love.

 So be happy over there as we are so here,
And never forget I shall hold you all dear.

 Let go now of those tears and carry along your way,
For I am always with you throughout every beautiful day.

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Cast you shadow into the light,

And await the footsteps showing you the way.

Follow your heart and love watched by Angels above,

Be guided and listen, your soul shall feel it glisten.

Ignore the way then you shall stray,

To commence it again who knows what time and when.

You know in your heart where you should be,

Gently flowing softly, following me,

Feel me in your heart, I shall take you far from the start.

It is within us all, quite normal to stumble and fall,

So rise and be on your way and peace and blessings to

you upon this day.


Oh Lord blessed be, it tried to conquer me,

For I was too strong and cast out the wrong.

I stand before you today, the person that I am,

I am humbled and honoured, an innocent being,

Watch over me always.

I shine like a beacon, without the Glory,

I can tell you I have witnessed many a story.

I am to you and myself I am true, wearing armour otherwise,

I need to hide behind my guise.

I always see good in everyone I meet, I try to be the best that I can be,

I lost my way and made myself ill.

So happy to be guided again on my way.

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