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Seichem energies are  Egyptian energies discovered by Patrick Scott-Zeigler.

There are many different healing systems, wehich are beneficial, that stem from Seichem.  They have variations of the same name such as Seichem, Seichim and SKHM.  Basically they are similar systems, which reflect the differences of the individuals practising them.  They are thus live and evolving systems neither right nor wrong just different.

Many people have heard of Reiki healing in our days, this element comes from Earth.  Seichem energies include the Earth element but also include the other three elements of Sakara (fire energies), Sophi-el (water energies) and Angelic light( air/ether energies.  Seichem incorporates Reiki (earth energy) but is also a much more intense experience that can leave a client feeling so much more inner sparkle and light.  I also incorporate all other healing needed to be channelled through me for the greatest good of a client.  This can include Spiritual energies and Angelic energies too.

I offer this Healing at my office, 13 Dudley Court, Manor Walks.  Cramlington.  Northumberland.

To book a session please visit my contact page or call in and see me If I am available.  Seichem sessions are 30 and can last upto 45 minutes.

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